Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brother Caught In The Act

Amanda is horrified when she bursts into her brother's bedroom and accidentally catches him lying on his bed naked watching a porn film and playing with himself. She is disgusted and makes fun of him to start with and threatens to tell their parents. James pleads with her not to and her mood lightens as she decides to have some fun with him. She goes to get her friends Charlie and Jess who were hanging out downstairs and they laugh their heads off as they walk in to see the naked boy. They demand to see what he was doing and are astonished as he reveals his huge penis to them - it's much bigger than anything they have ever seen before. As they crowd round him it gets bigger and bigger and its not long before they are desperate to take turns to wank him themselves. As they pump it harder and faster its not long before they make him cum all over himself.

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