Wednesday, September 13, 2006

CFNM small penis humiliation

This was supposed to be a CFNM hand job video. When the guy couldn't get it up, the girls got pissed and it became what it was destined to be - the greatest humiliation video ever filmed! His dick was so small they just exploited him. They put an ashtray on his stomach, smoked cigarettes and blew the smoke in his face till he choked and complained. He was tied down tight so there was nothing he could do!

In a last attempt at getting him hard, they brought out the cock pump. They pumped it so hard his balls came up into the pump, causing him much discomfort, and they just laughed and continued abusing him. When they took the pump off and saw how small his dick still was, they did a pinky finger comparison with it.

Then they brought out a huge dildo and stuck it in his face trying to force it into his mouth against his will. He was really whining like a baby ready to hide in shame at this point but they just continued. They put a "hairclip" on his dick and it was bigger than his dick! For the last 5 minutes, they tickle tortured him with the hairclip still attached. This is incredible footage of humiliation!

Watch Movie.


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